Outshine other organizations in 2021 by answering these three questions

The methods are usually not holistic, do not support intrapreneurial thinking, and most importantly, their cultures, processes and operational mindset often limit the collective potential of an organization.

Foundations of an successful enterprise

Are you creating the conditions for developing intrapreneurial leaders?

A bi-product of an underdeveloped leadership team and one of the greatest threats to innovation and growth are cultures that disempower their people.

Enterprise values supported by a growth plan.

Over time, an investment in intrapreneurial leadership becomes the catalyst for creating a virtuous cycle of innovation within your organization.

Do your processes and structure stretch your culture to be continuously open?

Open cultures invite diverse perspectives and operate with a community mindset. It is a culture that understands anyone can own a specific initiative. These “WE” cultures will be effective at having creative sessions and quickly moves through a process.

Symptoms of “ME” cultures include lots of conversations around ownership, moving to solutions too early, and when the structure becomes more important than a fluid process. In these cultures, a level of mistrust lives.

A cycle of competency and capacity development
  • CEO and CFO/COO, where one is accountable for strategy and growth, and the other is accountable for risk mitigation.
  • Product Management & User Experience, where lean product development is to try and learn (learning and adoption), vs UX methodologies which support observe and design (reducing customer pain and improving quality).

Do you use an agreed framework to support strategic decision making?

A simplifying mindset can lead to a few challenges within the workplace, and the biggest I have experienced is the erosion of trust.

The most useful framework I have practiced to help with decision making is the Cynefin framework.

The Cynefin framework

Obvious/Simple Systems — Apply Best Practice

Complicated Systems — Apply Good Practice

Complex Systems — Emergent Practice

Chaotic Systems — Novel Practice

Key takeaways for using frameworks for strategic decision making:



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Miles Nurse

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